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Spring 2010 The Nethernet

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The Nethernet is a "Passively Multiplayer Online Game." It is a browser plug-in for Firefox that allows you to engage in missions, sabotage other players, and earn fame and glory (maybe) all as you surf the web. We will be playing the game for the coming 3 weeks as we read Charles Stross's novel Halting State and other articles related to ARGs and games. For what it's worth, here is a very, very short article in Wired about The Nethernet (which used to be known as PMOG). The article does a good job of explaining the basic concepts of the game.


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In its previous life as PMOG, The Nethernet had a more informative video, which I've decided to include below. The toolbar has changed its appearance significantly, but otherwise it's the same game.


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Here's what you need to do:


  1. Sign up for The Nethernet and install the plug-in on a computer that you use regularly no later than Wednesday, February 24th at noon.
  2. Post your screen names on the wiki so we know who we have the pleasure of hunting down.
  3. Play the game. Take missions. Experiment. Have fun. Be an active participant for the next 2.5 weeks. You will start the game with a complement of tools. You should plan on experimenting with all the different tools: lightposts, portals, crates, mines, armor, St. Nicks, grenades, and more.
    • To get your feet wet, take this mission, which gives a brief tour of The Nethernet.
  4. Eventually, you will have to create at least one mission of 5 or more steps. Please post a link to your mission on the Mission Page. Your missions need not be related to our course material (although they are more than welcome to be), but you should not include any material that would be considered NSFW.
    • When building a mission, please consult this guide for "How NOT to Make a Mission."
    • Also, you are required to take each of your classmates' missions.
  5. By the end of our playing with the game, I will expect everyone to reach Level 5. Your level is based on your datapoints (which are earned simply by browsing) and by your use of particular tools (AKA classpoints).
  6. At the end of our Nethernet adventure, you will write me a quick 1-2 page evaluation of this assignment: did you love it? hate it? want to mine it? Moreover, what do you see The Nethernet teaching us about gaming, narrative, and--of course--media and technology?


Grading The Nethernet Assignment

This evaluation and the whole of the Nethernet assignment will be graded on the same basis as summaries: in other words, if you make an honest effort to play along and you meet all the requirements above, you will get full credit. Your written response is due March 11 in class. 

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