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Brandon Cho Translation of Billy Collins' Morning

Page history last edited by Brandon Cho 11 years, 8 months ago

To elapse our day that we should come up against,

an afternoon so rough,   

an evening so unexpected,


followed by his ominous offerings in,

darkness - so unfortunate


This is the best-

stretching to the permeating sunlight,

liberated from stale sheets of the night,

stuffing clothes in the dryer so they're warm—


a cascade of water rejuvenating and hydrating,

the radiance of waffles—

but mostly stuffing clothes in the dryer so they're warm,


newspaper spread under the mug

the piano waiting for a stroke of her ivory,

car keys on the counter not yet ready,


and, when time comes, the door—

the breath of air, cold and brisk

fill the lungs,

rush hour on the way

and the roads paving endless possibilities

in the early morning.

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