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Fred Jacob Translation

Page history last edited by Freddrick Jacob 12 years, 4 months ago

Hard Rock had "absolutely no patience 

For people, and his wounds adequately displayed his lack of tolerance: 

A black and blue mouth, swollen earlobes, scratches over

His discolored eyeballs, and a deep laceration that sliced

Into the side of his head and penetrated a coarse 

Jungle of nappy curls.


People THOUGHT that Hard Rock had gone soft 

Now, that researchers had drilled punctures into his scull,

Removed some of his cranium, and pulsed high voltages of current

Throughout the remainder. As he entered the prison once again,

Restrained and shackled, they set him free,

Similar to a tamed thoroughbred, trying to determine its new rank.

Everyone calmly observed, imitating Native Americans viewing caged livestock,

Wondering if this THOUGHT was correct.


The anticipation built as we gathered around

Speaking of his past deeds: "Before he left they needed a group

Officers to take him to confinement." "Hey do you recall when Hard Rock

Slapped the commanding officer with his lunch plate?" "Man, he

Put them to shame by staying in solitary longer than anyone before- over two months!" 

"Yeah, that Hard Rock! he's a psychopathic negro."

Including the legendary whispers about Hard Rock gnawing

On an officer's finger and infecting him with an STD.


A day like all the rest, was the stage for Hard Rock's test.

A redneck yelled that he was a nigger with a cunt for a mother

And wasn't in need of dentures, an officer who was familiar with Hard Rock

Man handled him before yelling at him furiously.

He in response didn't move. He kept standing there blankly,

His eyeballs had become black windows into a vacant soul.


When we found out that Hard Rock

Could barley say his name in a five minute span,

Everyone still believed he was being smart,

Playing it smooth, eventually it became hard to deny the truth,

So everyone went along, their heads tilted down. Hurt.

Hard Rock was a Titan, he committed acts

We wished we were capable of but lacked to courage to commit,

A life of constraint, similar to scorching leather,

Had already left its brutal mark on all the prisoners.


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