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Poems With Lines in Any Order 12:50 Group 1

Page history last edited by Kendrick Daniel 11 years, 9 months ago

It was a time when it seemed like everybody had a nickname.

In their eighties Toots and Sonny still arguing about their father.


You can't live in the past.

Sonny said, Then he shouldn't have given Molly the two more babies.


Toots said, What would expect he was a young man

and there she was.


Dave's sister and her husband adopted the baby, and that was Babe.

When Rose died having Babe, Dave came after the doctor with a gun.

Sure he was a tough guy but he was no hero.


Sonny and Toots went to live for a while with the Braegers.

Sonny still a kid himself when Dave moved out on Molly.


Dave living above the bar with Della and half the family.

The family gave him Rose's cousin Molly to marry so she could

raise the children. 


Nobody can live in the future.


There's no way to just live in the present.



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