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Reading Victory Garden

Page history last edited by Brian Croxall 11 years, 2 months ago

Here are a few tips for reading Victory Garden.


  1. Each one of the screens, which we will call "lexias," has a title. The title is displayed at the top of the application's window. In Windows, the title is in square brackets. Making notes of the titles of screens you are reading is one of the best ways to navigate the text and will be how you will have to refer to the text if you choose to write about it.
  2. You can advance through the hypertext's default path by pressing "Enter" or "Return."
  3. Alternatively, you can click on linked words to take a different path through the hypertext. You can discover which words are linked by holding down Ctrl on a Windows machine or Command-Option on a Mac.
    • Please note: you can click on words that aren't linked and the page will still advance. However, it will advance along the default path.
  4. If you click on the Back Arrow button, you will move backwards through the path you have taken in your reading.
  5. If you want to see the history of where you've been/read, click F3 on Windows. On a Mac, click Command-Option-Y (or go to Views on the file bar and click history. When looking at your history, you can double click on any of the previous screens you have read and you will be taken back there. A warning: if you move back through your history, you will no longer be able to see where you went after being in that lexia. There is, in other words, no forward button like there is in a web browser.
  6. If you want to go to a specific lexia, you can click F9 on Windows or Command-Option-L on a Mac. You will see a listing of all the lexias (992 total) and can click on the name to go directly to one of them.
  7. There is a handy text-search tool that will help you find text across Victory Garden. On Windows hit Ctrl-F and on Mac Command-F.
  8. On each lexia, you can view the links that lead out of it. Click F2 on Windows and Command-\ on Mac. You will see the name of the link (which is not always the same as the hyperlinked word), the name of its Destination lexia, and the guard field name, if it exists.
    • Guard fields within Victory Garden prevent you from accessing parts of the narrative until you have read other parts of the narrative. It is one of the unique features of the Storyspace software that powers Victory Garden. Of course, you can get to any lexia immediately by jumping to it, see #6 above.
  9. Finally, you can see a road map of each lexi by clicking Shift-F2 on Windows or Command-R on Mac. The Road map shows you which lexias lead to the one you are currently reading and where the current one goes to.


There are other useful views and information that you can find by browsing the menus and tools that come with Victory Garden, but they work differently on the two different platforms. Consequently, I'll leave those to you to discover and play with. It may also be useful to read the documentation that comes along with the CD of Victory Garden: the Readme and the Reader's Manual.


For our first class on Victory Garden (11 February), you should spend at least two hours reading the text. Yes, I really mean that.


Furthermore, I suggest that you consider starting by going to the lexia [Paths to Explore] and choosing one of its links. These lexias start you on some of the longer, coherent portions of the text, but a single one by no means give you the whole thing. Come back to [Paths to Explore] to read further along other narratives or go to the lexia [Map Overview] to choose a different entrance to the narrative.


Don't get lost.

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