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Recitation and Homo-Linguistic Translation

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Recitation and Homo-Linguistic Translation


For this assignment you will use a poem of your choice for two different activities. You may pick any poem you like--one we have read in class or not--but the poem must be 10 lines or longer.


  1. You will record yourself reciting the poem and upload the recording to iTunes U. Practice reading your poem several times before recording it, paying special attention to rhythm, rhyme, and use of punctuation. Your recitation must be uploaded to iTunes U by the beginning of class on Wednesday, 11 February. You will be graded not only on your timeliness in completing the assignment, but also on the quality of your recitation. I don't expect you to sound like a Shakespearean actor, but you should have thought carefully about how you will read and emphasize parts of the poem. You should make some choices in how you go about reciting the poem. Just as when you write your papers, this activity asks you to engage in an interpretation of the poem.
  2. After recording and uploading the poem, you will then translate it from "English to English": substituting word for word, phrase for phrase, line for line, or "freely" responding to each phrase or sentence in the poem. You will want to be attentive to the formal elements of the poem as well as the meaning. Your work on the recitation should have helped you connect with the poem, its important words and phrases, before you begin the translation. Your translation is due at the beginning of class on Monday, 16 February and should be both submitted on hard copy and posted to the wiki. You should also include a one-page explanation of how you approached the translation of your poem and how you made the choices that you did. If the poem you recite and translate does not come from our textbook, you should also provide me with a copy of the original poem. You will be graded not only on your timeliness in completing the assignment, but also on the quality of your translation. You will need to know your poem very well and make appropriate translations. Again, this is an act of interpreting the poem to a certain degree, of choosing how you want to rewrite its language and form.


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