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Spring 2009 Poetry Free Writing

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For the first half of the semester, each of you will free write. Like a reading journal, “free writing” assignments give you an opportunity to explore a poem or poems and particular aspects of them that resonate with you. They should be at least one page in length. Don’t think too hard before beginning to write. They are intended to give you space to react to the poetry you are reading and for me (and you) to discover what most interests you about it. This assignment will give you a chance to start thinking about your first paper. If you make an honest effort to complete the assignment, you will receive full credit.


They are not formal essays. You might start by thinking about how a poem makes you feel and then go on to analyze what details in the poem produce this effect. While you don't need to go into a full-blown formal analysis, and you are certainly not expected to have an introduction, conclusion, or thesis, beginning to practice how you analyze the poem will prepare you for the further work we will do throughout the semester.

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